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Review our latest listings of high quality, used snowcats and tracks for sale for this up and coming season. Perfect for groomers, search and rescue teams, repair crews and more.

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Summer Fleet Sale – PistenBully 100’s

Ski Cat has PistenBully 100’s available for sale each March as a part of our fleet upgrade to the next generation of PistenBully 100’s. Examples of previously available PistenBullys are: 2001, no Tiller, Rubber tracks or new 3.1m Kombi Tracks available – SOLD 2011, Tiller with 1 track setters, 2.8m Kombi Tracks – SOLD 2013,

2013 PistenBully 100, Unit 11775 – SOLD

2013 PistenBully 100, 821 Generation Approximately 2,454 hours Tier 3, Mercedes 924 LA Engine – 197 HP 3.1m tiller with Dual Track Setters 3.1m All Way Blade 3.1m Kombi Tracks – rubber belts in excellent condition, treads in good condition Solid Tires Interior is clean, undamaged, no stains or rips All lights Illuminated and guages