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Discover The Game Changer: The Pistenbully 400 Trail

The performance benchmark.

Thanks to its powerful 405 hp Cummins engine, the Pistenbully 400 Trail has all the torque and traction you need to perform heavy dozing work or tow heavy loads such as cargo material sleds and trail drags. Its powerful engine and exceptional traction give it the power and torque needed on any steep trail. It’s eco-friendly, too. Tier 4 Final for low exhaust emissions coupled with excellent fuel economy.

With two chassis widths available, you can tailor The the 400 Trail can be configured to fit on narrow roads, trails and bridges or it can be outfitted with wide tracks for exceptional flotation and tractive effort. to fit narrow trails or wide. With the choice of Combined with our high perfor­mance X Track or the durable and strong Steel tracks, the operator has a handle on every situation from within the spa­cious cab.

Just one glance inside the cockpit and it becomes clear. It’s all about the driver. Get in and feel the quality that’s PistenBully.

PistenBully 400 Trail

Unmatched Towing Capacity

The 400 Trail boasts superior torque and traction, efficiently pulling heavy Cargo material sleds or large drags across all types of snow, even on the steepest terrain.of trails.     The PistenBully 400 models are ideal for massive snow handling operations such as clearing winter snow from Highway Passes and Rail Roads.  The PistenBully 400 is unparalleled for servicing Wind Turbine sites, remote construction projects and infrastructure.


Perfect Balance of Power, Weight, and Size

The 400 is easily transported with the tracks ready for service.  The Powerful 405 hp Cummins engine is environmentally friendly as a Tier 4F and offers an incredible power to weight ratio, all while offering excellent fuel economy.  The operator cabin is outfitted with computer monitoring of the power and hydraulic system, premium seating and sound system and an incredible range of sight offered by the huge windows and well positioned mirrors.


Climb Any Slope

The 6-belt KombiPlus track on the PistenBully 400 boasts high-performance and exceptional wear resistance. With its optimized belt pitch, this track ensures maximum force transmission and outstanding pushing performance. The greater pitch also contributes to improved gradability, making it easier to conquer any slope. Experience unparalleled pushing performance and enhanced gradability with the PistenBully 400’s 6-belt KombiPlus track.

Typical Applications

Available Accessories

Passenger Cabin
Cabin inside

Pistenbully 400 Photo Gallery

Pistenbully 400 Equipment Specifications

Engine Cummins QSL 9 diesel
Emission standard EPA Tier 4 Final
Displacement 8.9 liter 6 cyl
Output (SAE) 400 horsepower
Maximum torque 1200 ft lb @ 1,500 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 69 gallons 260 liters
Transmission Rexroth hydrostatic; infinitely variable
Steering Electronic, steering wheel or sticks
Brakes Hydrostatic; dynamic feedback
Two multi-disk parking brakes
Suspension 5 axle independent, torsion bar
Wheels 14 inch; solid rubber in 3 durometers
Alternator 28 V / 140 Amps
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 135 Ah
Speed, low range 0-12 mph 0-19 km/h
Speed, high range 0-17 mph 0-27 km/h
Fuel usage From 5 gal/hr 19 liter/hr
Ground clearance 14 in 350 mm
Vehicle weight 17,450 lbs 7930 kg
Payload on rear deck 3,300 lbs 1500 kg
Track Options
Track Type Specifications
Steel 3.6 m (1440 mm cleat width) (wide chassis only)
Steel 2.9 m (975 mm cleat width)
Steel 2.5 m (800 mm cleat width)
X-Track 3.1 m (1150 mm cleat width) (wide chassis only)
X-Track 2.9 m (975 mm cleat width)
X-Track 2.5 m (800 mm cleat width)
Front Blade Options
Blade Type Specifications
All-Way 4.4 m (wide chassis only)
All-Way 3.2 m
U-blade 3.4 m
U-blade 2.8 m

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