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Meet The Best All-around, Strongest Commercial Snow Groomer, The Pistenbully 100

Experience the difference with the Pistenbully 100 enhanced snow groomer, a product of extensive revisions and close customer consultations. The result is a vehicle that embodies quality, reliability, and innovation.


This snow groomer boasts the most potent engine in its category, an eco-friendly exhaust system, an ergonomic cockpit, and a host of other innovative features.


The highlight of this model of snow groomer is the entirely new control system designed around the operator’s workspace. The 4-axis joystick integrated into the armrest makes blade control effortless, allowing for smooth movements in all directions.


And, with the introduction of the upgraded version of the Pistenbully 100 snow groomer:


The best just got better. With a 16% increase in torque, reduced engine speed, and expanded fuel tank capacity, our snow groomer now delivers more power, uses less fuel, reduces CO2 emissions, and covers a larger range. Added to this powerhouse is the AutoTracer assistance system – a standard feature in our newest model!

PistenBully 100

Enhanced Cockpit:

We've optimized the cockpit design for improved comfort and freedom of movement.


Flexible and User-friendly Controls

Choose between stick control or a semi-steering wheel for ease of operation.


Extended Reach of the AllWayBlade

Precise shaping of unique features is now possible.


Most Powerful Engine in its Class

The engine is efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly thanks to advanced exhaust technology.

Pistenbully 100 Tracks and Attachments ​

Every component of the Pistenbully 100 snow groomer is a superior product, meticulously crafted to provide the perfect formula for immaculate slopes.


Optimized AllWayBlade

Pistenbully refined the AllWayBlade to perfection, bringing you the following features:
The AllWayBlade allows for precise and effortless work, offering the best pushing performance in its class.

Tracks for Every Task

Regardless of your requirements for the Ski Cat Co. snow groomer, we have the right tracks for the job:

Enhanced Snow Tiller

Pistenbully took their hydraulic snow tiller to the next level with improved design and functionality, making it perfect for grooming top-tier cross-country ski trails. You can independently adjust the tiller depth and down pressure for a flawless adaptation to the prevailing snow conditions.

When paired with a track setter, the new finisher support and advanced snow flap become an unbeatable tool for Nordic events. Rest assured, all auxiliary equipment remains compatible, ensuring you have maximum versatility on the job.

Hydraulic snow tiller

Pistenbully 100 Photo Gallery

Pistenbully 100 Equipment Specifications

Type Cummins QSB 6.7
No. of Cylinders 6
Displacement 6.7 L / 6700 cc
Power in accordance with ECE 188 kW / 256 metric hp @ 1.800 rpm
Exhaust Gas Standard EU Stage V
Max. Torque 1152 Nm / 1500 rpm
Tank Capacity 190 L
DEF (AdBlue®) Tank capacity 19 l
Fuel Consumption from 8.5 L/h or more
Comfort heating system With automatic function and stepless temperature adjustment
Driver's Seat air-suspended, adjustment positions, seat heating unit
Control Elements Joystick for 4 simultaneous movements, iTerminal, armrest
Window Windshield and rear window heated, side windows sliding and heated
Outside mirrors heated, elec. adjustable, wide-angle
Wipers Coolant-heated, heating turned on and off electrically
Low-power system 24 V
Alternator 28 V / 100 A
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 100 Ah
Cold Start Rating 680 A
Front 4 halogen headlights, 2 LED worklights on grab bar, 2 LED beacon lights
Rear 2 LED worklights
Driving characteristics
Speed 0-25 km/h, stepless
Turning radius on the spot
Reinforced tensioning axle
Stick steering
Hydraulic oil preheating
Front high-pressure connection (technology package)
Auxiliary heating, Air conditioner
Rear camera
Cab for 5, 8 or 10 persons
LED lighting package with 3rd headlight center back
Implement carrier with vibration compensation during lifting/ lowering
Implement carrier with side damping for swing
Luxury seat
Solid rubber wheels
Brush guard
Central locking
Hydraulic foldable side finishers
NoDeck Version
PistenBully 100 Diagram


Width Without Tracks 2,300 mm
over Combi tracks / steel tracks 2,480 mm / 2,800 mm / 3,120 mm
over X-Track 2,510 mm / 2,800 mm
over snow tiller (transport width) 3,310 mm / 3,640 mm / 3,930 mm
over snow tiller with folding side finishers up to 4,200 mm / 4,550 mm / 4,850 mm
Blade width open 3,391 mm / 3,791 mm
width wide 2,820 mm / 3,220 mm
Height 803 mm
Height with tracks (depending on additional options) 2,620 mm to 2,740 mm
when driver’s cab tilted 3,140 mm
Ground clearance 320 mm
Length with blade, tiller and track setter 8,930 mm
Loading platform Length 1,620 mm
Width 1,920 mm
Recommended garage dimensions Length (track setters folded up) 8,000 mm
Width 4,900 mm
Height 3,200 mm


Empty weight With Combi Tracks from 5,000 kg
With X-Track tracks from 4,760 kg
Permitted total weight 8,500 kg
Payload, load platform 1,500 kg

*In acc. with ISO 1176/M6, net weights may vary depending on equipment.

Learn More About our PistenBully Leasing Options