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Ski Cat is selling the following (4) PistenBully 100’s.  Machines will be available for possession the 2nd half of April.  Ski Cat Company offers  PreSale deposit program so the buyer can lock in the machine when it comes off rent.  Inquire for details.

2001 – 821 Model, Tier 3 emissions, 2.7m Blade, Flat Deck configuration, 800mm Multi Grip Tracks (almost new), approximately 6200 hours – An almost new set of 1130mm Kombi tracks are available separately

2011 – 821 Model, Tier 3 emissions, 2.7m Blade, Flat Deck Configuration, 2.8m Tiller with single track setter, 2.8m Kombi Tracks, approximately 2700 hours

2013 – 821 Model, Tier 3 emissions, 3.1m Blade, Flat Deck Configuration, 3.1m Tiller with Dual Track Setterss, approximately 2200 hours, 3.1m Kombi Tracks, 800mm X-Tracks available sepearately

2013 – 821 model, Tier 4i emissions, 3.1m Blade, Flat Deck configuration, 3.1m Tiller with Dual Track Setters, 3.1m Kombi tracks, approximately 4,000 hours

(2) 821 Model, 8 person passenger cabins

(1) 3 Person passenger cabin with 821 mounting frame and ski box

All above equipment is in excellent mechanical and costmetic condition.

Contact Ski Cat Company for detailed information.  Pre-Sale deposits are accepted to lock in the purchase at the end of the rental season, otherwise pricing and availability are subject to change.

All equipment will be serviced at the end of the season per manufacturer periodic maintenance requirements and Seller representations.