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Snowcat Leasing
& Used Equipment

Low Cost Leasing for Premium
Equipment and Service

Meet the Best-in-Class PistenBully100


The PistenBully 100 is the most powerful and versatile snowcat for the needs of Contractors, Utilities, Backcountry Guide Services, Nordic Ski Clubs, Snow Fun Parks, and Cabin owners. The PistenBully 100 maximizes power to size. It is easily transportable, has outstanding performance in all snow conditions, multiple configurations to suit the needs of the application, and is readily serviced by the Manufacturer, Kassbohrer PistenBully, throughout the United States.

PistenBully 100
Tracks & Attachments

High-Quality Advantages, Both Inside and Outside The Cab

Our snowcats come with an immense level of personal comfort. They include steering wheel drive control and joystick plow control. Inside the cab, you’ll find GPS and satellite communications. You can rely on three-width configurations and numerous additional benefits, including snow cutters, tillers, track setters, and trailers. The flexibility and customization options are superb!

We Deliver Reliability and High Quality

We dedicate ourselves to delivering a reliable product to our customers. We provide the highest quality possible by leasing PistenBully snowcats. Our customers include contractors, Nordic clubs, backcountry guide services, search and rescue organizations, cabin owners, and even those who just enjoy driving a powerful vehicle. At Ski Cat Company, we want to allow you to enjoy the low-cost pleasures of driving a snowcat during the winter.

snowcat with plow

Snowcats For Sale

Although we are a leasing snowcat company, we often get asked if we are selling our PistenBully 100’s. Throughout the year we have various machines for sale and often in December and January, we list machines from our fleet for sale on our used equipment page. If you are interested in joining our waiting list, please sign up and we’ll make sure you’re first to know!