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PistenBully Snowcat Rental & Used Equipment Sales

Low Cost Leasing for Premium
Equipment and Service

The Ultimate Guide to PistenBully Snowcat Leasing

If you are in the market for a snowcat, consider leasing as a low-cost alternative to purchasing a new or used one. Leasing offers a form of exclusive use for your purpose and a set period – but lacks the upfront purchase cost and the cost of repairs, and maintenance. At Ski Cat Company, we proudly offer PistenBully, snowcat, seasonal leases.

PistenBully 100

Meet The PistenBully 100

The PistenBully 100 is economical, powerful, and flexible for all of your commercial needs, including: landscape shaping, mining, disaster management, construction, and off-roading. In fact, this vehicle has proven itself in a number of use cases across many industries and all four seasons.


The PistenBully is made for both large-scale snow grooming jobs as well as smaller-scale plowing and shaping. The newest version of the all-way blade has taller snow guards and a wider profile to speed up the snow removal or grooming process.

PistenBully 400

Meet The PistenBully 400

The PistenBully 400 series is a great example of how decades of innovation and technology can come together to create an impressive, versatile machine. The 400 models all utilize a uniform operating concept, where a one-handed joystick is used to control all four axles. If this isn’t simple enough, the iTerminal with touchscreen makes operating even more of a breeze. Customizable operating profiles can be tailored to your different drivers.


The PistenBully 400 is the perfect option for individuals who need a reliable machine with the best pushing performance possible.

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