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Technical Data for the PistenBully 100

Type Cummins QSB 6.7
No. of Cylinders 6
Displacement 6.70 l / 6,700 ccm
Power Output (ECE) 186 kW / 253 hp
Exhaust Emissions Standard EU Stage V, Tier 4f
Max. Torque 990 Nm / 1,500 rpm
Tank Capacity 1551
Tank capacity DEF
Fuel Consumption from 8.5 l/h
Drive Pump 105 ccm
Traction Drive 80 ccm
Tiller Drive Pump 71 ccm
Tiller Drive 90 ccm
Driver’s Seat adjustable, air-sprung
Operating Elements switches, iTerminal
Window heated front and rear windows,
sliding side windows, heated
Rear Mirrors heated, elec. adjustable, wide-angle
Wipers coolant-heated,
heating electrically controlled
Driving Characteristics
Speed Continuously Variable 0 – 25 km/h, infinitely variable
Turning Radius on the spot
Low-Voltage System 24 V
Alternator 28 V / 100 A
Batteries 2 x 12 V / 100 Ah
Cold Start Rating 680 A
Front 4 halogen headlights,
2 LED working lights on the handrail
2 LED rotating beacons
Rear 2 LED working lights
Hydraulically Foldable Sideflaps
Brush Guard
Additional Heating
Front High Pressure Connection
Solid Tires

front view of snowbully 100

sideview of pistenbully 100

Width Without Tracks 2,300 mm
over Combi tracks / steel tracks 2,480mm / 2,800mm / 3,120mm
over X-Track 2,510 mm / 2,800 mm
over snow tiller (transport width) 3,310mm / 3,640mm / 3,930mm
over snow tiller with folding side finishers
up to
4,200mm / 4,550mm / 4,850mm
Blade width open 3,391 mm / 3,791 mm
width wide 2,820 mm / 3,220 mm
Height 803 mm
Height with tracks (depending on additional options) 2,620 mm to 2,740 mm
when driver’s cab tilted 2,620 mm to 2,740 mm
Ground clearance 3,140 mm
Length with blade, tiller and track setter 8,930 mm
Load Area Length 1,620 mm
Width 1,920 mm
Suggest Garage Dimensions Length (track setters folded up) 8,000 mm
Width 4,900 mm
Height 3,200 mm
Tare Weight With Combi Tracks from 5,000 kg
from 4,760 kg
Permissible gross weight 7,500 kg
Payload on platform 1,500 kg

*In acc. with ISO 1176/M6, net weights may vary depending on equipment.

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Equipment specifications for the PistenBully 100 vary by year of manufacture and configuration.