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SkiCat TrainingMany people dream of driving a PistenBully and doing some snow grooming of their own on a ski resort. At the same time, many business owners dream of a fully-trained, elite snow and terrain maintenance staff who can operate these machines at minimal risk and maximum efficacy. While it is nice to imagine this, with the proper training, creating an ideal surface for skiing and other outdoor activities is no longer a dream.

Whether you own a ski resort, a search and rescue operation, or some other business where snow removal and terrain grooming are essential, putting your drivers through a training module before letting them out on the snow is required by OSHA. At Ski Cat Company, we can connect those who lease a PistenBully snowcat as well as any other essential operators to free training to get your team up to speed and help increase the efficiency of your snow or terrain moving business.

The Value of PistenBully Training Courses

Snow grooming and traversing snow and rough terrain can be a difficult job that may become dangerous if the operator is not skilled. It requires an operator who can maintain control of their machine at all times over a variety of terrain elements.

While virtual training cannot replace hours on a machine with practical experience, it can prepare a driver for what they will face when they get out there on the snow. Training also allows drivers to focus on different aspects of learning, a particular model, or even just snow grooming basics.

Some of the most crucial reasons to take part in a PistenBully training course include the following:

Increased Efficiency

Even if someone has had experience working as a snow groomer or operating a different model of snowcat before, going over the basics never hurts. With the proper training, you won’t have to worry about your drivers returning from a job and then being forced to send them back out to fix any mistakes they’ve made. You can also trust that they are operating the machine safely and effectively. Your drivers should have complete mastery of the machines from the outset.

Reduced Operating Costs

Training may be able to cut down the time it takes your drivers to complete a task, enabling you to ensure your property is ready to go in less time. This increase in efficiency will save you money on wages and fuel for the snow grooming machine.

Decreases Risk

You should never take rough terrain lightly, as it can be dangerous even in the best of conditions. Your drivers should be able to handle their machines and the elements, as unfamiliarity with either can put them in danger and cost you money. Training can cut down on accidents as amateurs are not operating your machines. In addition, OSHA compliance can decrease your legal liability.

Training isn’t perfect, and accidents may still happen, but giving your drivers proper training will put them in the position to make solid decisions while operating your vehicles. This savings in risk, time, money, and more can help your business thrive in the long term.

We’ve worked with PistenBully to develop a partnership to bring these courses to you free of cost for each lessee, and we’ve ensured they include all the relevant information and skills a driver needs. We stand firm with PistenBully regarding the importance of ensuring educated and trained drivers are operating any PistenBully machines.

Overview of the Training Courses

OSHA requires employers to provide their employees with essential training before operating heavy machinery. To help you comply with this requirement, this training is available for online registration for every person who leases a PistenBully from Ski Cat Company. This driver training can give you or your employees a good baseline knowledge of how to operate a PistenBully, as well as the basics of snow grooming.

About the Training

Our training courses will help give everyone, from new operators to those who may need to brush up on the operation of a PistenBully machine, a chance to learn about them in a stress-free environment. You’ll learn some of the basics and understand the best practices for using a PistenBully 400.

Who Creates Our Training

Our courses come from PRO ACADEMY, a company that has worked with PistenBully to craft these training programs and ensure they cover all relevant information. PRO ACADEMY has a stated mission to help businesses who need snow grooming to fulfill their needs efficiently and safely.

How to Complete the Training

Training takes place entirely on your browser, and we recommend using Mozilla Firefox version 52, Google Chrome 61, or Safari 10. Using an unsupported browser may cause the module to not work properly or fail to display information. It is not necessary to complete the training in one session. You can interrupt or stop training at any point to provide a break or finish it up another day. We offer our training programs for up to a year after you initially book them, so there’s no hurry to complete them immediately.

After Training Is Complete

At the completion of the training, your drivers will receive a certificate denoting the completion and giving you peace of mind that they have learned valuable lessons on operating the machines and caring for them between uses.

While our training sessions are useful, they are only theoretical, and you shouldn’t use them as a replacement for practical training. We recommend using our training modules first to help your drivers understand the basics before you send them out on practical training.

Diving Deeper into the PistenBully 400 Course

The PistenBully 400 is one of the most popular models we lease, and for good reason. This machine serves as a nice middle ground when it comes to snow grooming or plowing, giving you enough power and size to get the job done while not being overly large or cumbersome to use.

We offer two relevant courses for those who will be using a PistenBully 400: the basic training program and one that is more specialized for the PistenBully 400.

Ski Cat Company Training Level 1.0 – Entry Level Snow Grooming

Whether you have a new driver or you just want to refamiliarize someone with the operation of a PistenBully machine, the 1.0 training course will give a basic overview of any PistenBully machine, including the 400.

The training begins with an explanation of proper snowcat safety and the requirements to operate a PistenBully. This module explains the process for daily inspections of a snow grooming machine as well as dangerous situations and how to avoid them. The trainee will also gain an understanding of the safest way to enter or leave the cab, as doing so can be treacherous in ice and snow.

SkiCat Training
The course will also break down some technical aspects of a snow groomer that any operator should know. This includes the properties of how the vehicle works and some technical terms they will come across while using the machine.

Once the trainee has a solid grasp of any jargon they might encounter and the requirements for operation, they will then begin to understand how to operate the machine. While different PistenBully machines will have different requirements, this training will give the user a basic understanding of how to drive, steer, and turn the machine. This section also covers working with, rather than against, the blade and using the tiller.

The basic training will also give the trainee an overview of preparing the ski slope, how the environment affects their work, the difference in preparing for snowmobiles or skiers, and how to maintain the machine.

We also provide two handouts the trainee will keep that help to reinforce the lessons in the course.

Ski Cat Company Training Level 1.1 – PistenBully 100 Tier 4 Final / EU Stage 5

After drivers complete the entry-level PistenBully 1.0 course, they may choose to take either a PistenBully 100 or PistenBully 400 level 1.1 course – or both, depending on their needs. The Level 1.1 course for the PistenBully 100 focuses exclusively on the operation of this iconic machine.

Students will learn everything they need to know about how to use the PistenBully 100. The course begins with a full review of the cockpit structure of the 100, including the steering unit as well as the ins and outs of operating the 4-axis joystick and the movement functions it allows.

SkiCat Training

Next, your driver will gain a comprehensive understanding of the iTerminal, which displays readouts for all vehicle functions. With this section, the driver will learn about iTerminal normal operating states and the information readouts given by the machine as well as warning systems and how to respond.

Finally, drivers receive full education regarding the maintenance necessary to keep a PistenBully in peak operating condition. After this section, drivers will be able to perform point-by-point maintenance inspections and regular daily checks essential for regular operation. Topics include preparing the PistenBully 100 for operation, tilting the cab and platform, and proper handling of the battery and other materials.

By the end of this course, drivers will be fully prepared to operate the PistenBully 100 and able to safely and effectively use the machine as a snow groomer.

Ski Cat Company Training Level 1.1 – PistenBully 400

As mentioned, once your driver has mastered the basics from the Level 1.0 course, they may begin the Level 1.1 course focused entirely on the operation of the PistenBully 400 instead of or in addition to the Level 1.1 course on the PistenBully 100. This training course will give the operator some foundational knowledge regarding the machine and its maintenance. The course is delivered in four sections: operation, tilting function, battery care, and maintenance.

The operation section should give the trainee an understanding of the basic features of the machine. They’ll learn about the steering wheel and joystick controls, what each of the warning lights and indicators represents, and get an idea of how things should look inside the cab.

SkiCat Training

The PistenBully 400 has a tilting cabin and loading bridge, and the training will also discuss how to use these features. The course will explain some of the precautions a driver should take while using the tilting cabin to avoid any accidents or damage to the machine.

The battery section will cover charging the battery and how to switch it on and off. Trainees will also learn about what to do with the battery in poor or hazardous conditions.

The final section will cover maintaining the vehicle to keep it in working order. This is useful information for both the driver and the business owner, as keeping the vehicle in pristine shape will decrease downtime and avoid costly repairs. This training discusses the type of inspections you should make regularly, how to work with the blade, and instructions for lubrication.

How to Access Training Courses

Accessing PistenBully training courses is a simple process. You can head to our website and click on the word “Training” at the top of the page to navigate to the main training page. There, you can review the courses we have available and sign in to the training module of your choice. You can also navigate directly to the sign-in page.

To access our training courses, you’ll need the login credentials that we provide. If you’ve lost or misplaced your credentials, we can help you get started. Contact your Ski Cat Company representative and give them the name and email of the person who will be completing the training as well as the course you’d like for them to take. We will respond with your login information and open up the training module.

Ski Cat Company: Your Source For Training

Ski Cat Company: Your Source For Training

Sending your drivers out to work without critical operation and snow grooming training will not only keep them safer in the course of their duties, but it will also help increase your company’s efficiency and save you money in the long term. Our training courses are completely free to any lessee of one of our PistenBully machines, so you have little to lose in using them to your advantage.

Our new website is your one-stop shop for any news or information about snow grooming and PistenBully operation. Whether you already have a model picked out, you want to discuss leasing and how it can Snowcat rental, or you are just looking for new information about our products, subscribe to our blog. Then, contact us with any questions or inquiries you might have about leasing a snow grooming machine and taking your business to the next level.